Novel Idea: Everlasting Tropical

I guess everyone always wanted things they did’t have, things they didn’t experience. As someone who lives in a tropical country, with only two seasons, life is boring. The city I live in, the routine of going to school, and then university. And the holidays The days I spent sitting in front of the TV […]

No Cover Ups

I don’t really know I am not sure It’s sad how I still carry those words on my mind up until now. I am nineteen going on twenty and still, I haven’t done something significant others got into government uni some others people I don’t know already have companies, income, or fame one of it, […]


When you’re in doubt, remember Rome, remember Paris and Dubai and Luzern, the ones who made it happen, the ones you are with, and the ones who waited you to come home. The one who always for you to make a decision, the one whose whole life depends on your move now. Your very self […]


That. That is the level to aim for. To strive for. That is the level of someone who relentlessly pursue only one goal and didn’t waver. A pure genius, a combination of brain and brawn, wits and hardwork. A level, which I will struggle to reach. The struggle only get harder because I waver. I […]

College of Incarnation

A college/dormitory where all of its students are a reincarnation form of the previous students long long ago. They all have their own secret room/place. Actually, no one supposed to regain/have memory of their past lives, but one student did, he/she regain his/her memory little by little and try to find out why there were […]