24 April 2019

I am hot and clammy in my room and being so annoyed I haven’t made any progress since I open my laptop at 6.30 PM. I am concerned and panicked but nevertheless have made no progress yet.

Fuck it I have to finish a textbook format AND a presentation format and let us not forget the high standard our teacher expect and set.

Fuck it tomorrow I will be very busy and tired because fuck there is field trip so I guess I really don’t have a choice I brought this upon myself because I slept away the 5-day long holiday.

But yeah, just honestly, why do you have to do it anyway? Because you need good grades, you want more choices, you want a happier life in the future. The best investment is right here right now come to me while I am young shit now I want to curse as loud as fuck and I demand snacks too.

Today my friend and teammate tell us that her sister is depressed. Not the kind of over glorified depression that rolls out easily, but rather, clinical depression so bad that it makes her have suicidal thoughts and she asks us how to deal with it as a sister.

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