BE HARD ON YOURSELF because life is hard

Be hard to yourself now before the world be hard to you then



It’s my self-made quote. It’s supposed to be my new mantra.
Each and everyday must be started with those words in mind. The trouble is, although I manage to strung those words yesterday, and have it in my head ’till today I don’t move according to my mantra.

There are some things I regret, some things I don’t like. But those “some-things” , there are a lot of them, and I can easily trace it back to me, so 99% of my regrets are coused by myself

I don’t want to be said resembling him, he is not pretty

I don’t want to be told sexy, I want slender and slim

I don’t want to run on the same place, I want that for once, my feelings are reciprocated, at least I could talk to¬† him and be a friend, instead a shadowing presence.

But my future is at every end of my sentence. I am the one who supposed to direct it, but I kept losing grasp of me.

This moment is the moment that matters.


This Calls For Gratitude

Praise the Lord, that’s all I can say

I thought I won’t pass that course, but I do.
And so far, my close friends are doing good too.

I’m glad for them.
My heart prays that I can do better and better on the next semester, and that my fellow friends can also do better.

I….I… very grateful.