today’s pull

Yin Card: Placed in the yin position of your reading, the Tower means that what you thought was on solid ground, from a job to a relationship, may not be. This card shows that the foundation of your situation isn’t strong. Emotionally, you may be all over the place, excited one moment, only to worry incessantly the next. Stress reduction techniques like yoga and meditation can come in handy now. Relaxing your mind and body are as important as your achievements.
Yang Card: If you’ve drawn Temperance in the yang position of your reading, your current situation is asking a little too much of you now. Whether you’ve gone overboard in the work or love departments, or are just trying to juggle an impossible load, this card asks that you find a more balanced and moderate path. Yoga postures that promote balance, such as Chair and Half Moon pose, help you weather any emotional storms that arise, and facilitate your pursuits going forward.

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  1. namelessprotection berkata:

    Yin Card: The Lovers card placed here shows that you are trying to make a big decision in your life. You have a lot of options to choose from right now. Instead of getting overwhelmed, you need to pare down to just the essential or best ones first. Asking yourself which options resonate with your heart’s purpose may make it much easier to decide which ones are best for your life at this time, and which ones need to be let go. Allowing yourself this choice results in greater power.


  2. namelessprotection berkata:

    Yang Card: If you’ve drawn the Strength card in the yang position, it’s time to let your fierce side out a little more. This card means that strength doesn’t always mean yelling and throwing your weight around. Instead, you’ll find that meditation and self-nurturing techniques like journaling allow you to see how strong you really are. What you’ve been through the in past has made you what you are today. All that wisdom you’ve gained helps you move through this situation toward greater happiness.


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