today’s pull

Yin Card: If you’ve drawn the World in this position, you need to reconnect with all you’ve done in the past that got you to this place. It may feel like you haven’t done enough or achieved enough. Silence those harsh inner voices by reminding yourself of all you’ve done. The World indicates that life is open, and there are lots of experiences to have. In this situation, you’re being asked to connect to what you bring to the table, which may be a lot more than you realize.
Yang Card: Want to feel like the king or queen of your reality? The Emperor placed in the yang position shows that it’s time to incorporate some stronger measures in your life. Sometimes, strength comes from within. Meditating on your strongest qualities helps to build confidence. As you deploy this at work or in your relationships, your dreams begin to flower. In this situation, you’re stronger than you realize. No need to be showy about it. Quietly owning your power gets it done.

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