No Cover Ups

I don’t really know

I am not sure

It’s sad how I still carry those words on my mind up until now.
I am nineteen going on twenty and still, I haven’t done something significant

others got into government uni

some others people I don’t know already have companies, income, or fame

one of it, or all of it

I wonder, if people can see the way who I really am, what’s left of me?
I wonder, if I can see me so clearly, what will I see?

What will I get of me if I see myself as clearly as I see the stars on Italy’s winter night sky?

A sparkling, but coldly burning gas.

I get it

I get it now, a phrase to describe stars, and may be sun too

An lonely orb burning coldly.

The bystanders see it as clusters, but they are not.

Observer see them as blueish cold, but they are not. 

And all of the made up constellation weren’t meant to be, they just kinda roll with the myth and legends people made.

You want me to be a hydra? So be it

A river and a chariot? So be it.

And like a philosopher, I connect them to life, to human being, to our way of life

I think to myself that it resembles people, some people burn so brightly just to be seen as cold. Some people burn not as hot as others but be seen as giving life. All because it’s a matter of perspective. And fate.


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