Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.{cs lewis}

it just gives off thoughts like…


WE are surviving, from the moment we were born, we survive, we compete, our lives were as harsh as other living things, competing to bask in sun, competing to get food. We were always like that.

And as the difference between surviving and living, is that, {at least what I think is} surviving is harder, joyless, and necessary. Living was somewhat happier, enjoyable,and free.

I forgot that the essence of living things was to survive, to not be killed, to not be beaten, by nature, by the same species or other species, or by my own thought. But this survival I have done, this fight I have been fought but never felt like fighting couldn’t be called survival.It was to hard of a word.

Survival, like a plain muffin, seemed to look and taste better with frosting. Licked all the frosting in a cupcake, it turns into a muffin.So you see, things and people that adorned my muffins, being the sprinkles and the cherries on tops are the ones that makes my survival a life, one that was worth reviewing, being laughed and cried over. And over again. The sprinkles weren’t always sweet, the cherries weren’t always red.But that was it. It was my cupcake.My one and only cupcake.


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