Tarot Readings

Yin Yang Tarot

Yin Card: The Fool is a card of leaving your baggage behind so you can enjoy a new beginning. In the yin position, this card means that your emotional baggage may have become too heavy for you to continue to carry. In the situation you’re asking about, it’s time to let go of any painful memories of the past so you can move on and feel happier. It may be scary to think about becoming a new you, but you’ll be much more joyful as a result.
Yang Card: So much is riding on the situation you’re asking about. It’s a pivotal moment in your life, after all. But with the High Priestess placed here, the work you’ve been doing is providing a firm foundation of mindfulness. Success comes when you’re willing to act from a place of strength and action. Frustration-based giving up may seem tempting from time to time. But spending a few moments each day recognizing your awesomeness provides you with the fuel you need to communicate to others meaningfully and effectively.

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