Here We Go Again…Cards that seems to sum up all my days.

Yin Card: With the Lovers placed in the yin position of your reading, the situation you’re in is clearly complicated. There may be more than one option on the table. Either way, you have to make a decision very soon. Leading someone on, in a relationship or job matter, will end up backfiring on you. Only by being honest with yourself can you make the best choice. A lot is riding on this. If you need more time to consider your choice, take it but don’t overthink or dwell on it too long.
Yang Card: You may be facing some tough challenges if you’ve drawn the Tower in this position. Your question may be tough to act on now, even though you’d like to move forward in a positive way. Keeping a favorable outlook helps you find a way out of chaos with grace. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, sitting still and quietly for a few minutes each day helps you locate any sources of negativity and let them go. You’re stronger than whatever’s facing you, and will find success when it passes.

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