The Scarlet Thread

Recently I browse around the net, trying  to find a way to tackle this disturbing question of passion, which I need to figure out to determine my purposes of life.


Then I stumbled across a website I forgot, but for short, this website told me that passion weren’t very specified.

I’ll start with things I like.

I like to draw:
Although most of the times I only draw anime heads with smiling face. Some time ago I made a separate instagram, account just for my drawings. I asked and commented on other artist’s account. I love being replied and having little conversations.

I like to write:
I write poem, unfinished stories, and little scenarios in my head of things I supposed and I wanted to say.But they left unsaid.

I like to daydream:
I imagine things that impossible to happen, like a kind of fan fiction with me inside as the main character.I imagine impossible things that place me in the centre of attention, being someone at the top, having and doing things I currently don’t have and can’t do.

I like to sing:
The encouragement from my peers have boosted this singing section. Soon I sing in the bathroom, and sing more often when I sad. I managed to get some nice lyrics and melody during my most melancholic hours. Too bad I couldn’t transfer it to musical blocks.

I like language:
It crosses my mind often to learn new language, then I start learning a bit, then stopped because I’m just inconsistent

I like to tell people things. I like to be helpful:
I always be the source of notes, task record and information board. I never mind doing more than my share of work and just confused why people be so inactive. Also, doing presentation never backs me off.

I like to learn new things:
I don’t mind searching the whole net on different things, economics, mostly technology, craft, and arts, of course.

I like and I wish to experience new things:
This happens recently, near my admission into university. Suddenly I realized that I have been living in a small world.Then the urge to learn, to study, to stay in foreign country appears. I want to explore, to record, and to taste the character of other country.

Okay. So I’m pulling the red thread now.

Maybe all these things means that I want to communicate, maybe it’s not about poem, literature, or drawings, or language. Maybe it’s about Communication. I wanted to tell people something. Maybe it’s about Acknowledgement. I want to get recognized for something good. Maybe, all this time, all those poem, songs, and drawing meant for me to tell something about myself. Which maybe (again!) explains why they were all a short-lived activity. When there’s not much to tell, it loses its charms and gradually, I stopped doing it.


May God bless me and guide me in finding my life goals.


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