I kind of intrigued by the way this on-line journal works.

Here I am, in the middle of the ocean called the internet, a place where lots of people who have internet can see.

It was like being in an open space but never be found. It was like that. Even if I am found, little chance any body will found me.

Because the protection of being nameless.




Tarot Readings

Yin Yang Tarot

Yin Card: The Fool is a card of leaving your baggage behind so you can enjoy a new beginning. In the yin position, this card means that your emotional baggage may have become too heavy for you to continue to carry. In the situation you’re asking about, it’s time to let go of any painful memories of the past so you can move on and feel happier. It may be scary to think about becoming a new you, but you’ll be much more joyful as a result.
Yang Card: So much is riding on the situation you’re asking about. It’s a pivotal moment in your life, after all. But with the High Priestess placed here, the work you’ve been doing is providing a firm foundation of mindfulness. Success comes when you’re willing to act from a place of strength and action. Frustration-based giving up may seem tempting from time to time. But spending a few moments each day recognizing your awesomeness provides you with the fuel you need to communicate to others meaningfully and effectively.


I am not breaking down. Rather, I have broken down. I am in a state of mind of very confused and unmotivated I just lay and gadgeting.

Unpraisable and very toxic.
While my friends were doing tasks and chatting. Here I am doing things like these….
Spilling thoughts everywhere.


By the cold feel of metal
My mind goes cloud nine
Travelling between moons and stars

From the smoke and fire
My troubles burnt
Leaving away traces of pleasant smell

Drinking silvery liquid
All things go blur and grey
Suddenly running seems soothing

On the pat of chemical soups
All things we dread about liquify
Ran through a stream of unknown destination

At the bottom of the bowl, licking whats left on the spoon,
It hits us, it was a circle stream.

And suddenly we have to run faster

Stubborn Fragility

We were glasses
Rows and rows of transparent beings
Polished and bright

We were glasses
Gone trough fire
Cracked under pressure

We were glasses
Some are colored
Others are doffed

We were glasses
Some are bulletproof
Some are delicate

We were glasses
No matter how hard we try
No matter how much we hide
No matter how big we are…

Failure will come
Truth sill unfold
Limits will be there

Because glasses were glasses

While the World Were Looking at Screens

While I were looking at a screen
My body begins to scatter
My mind becames volatile

While you were texting the world
Letters abandoned at your feet
Phone ringing non-stop

While we were watching dreams
Our future gets blur
Each and everytime it goes farther

While they were clicking their mouse
Each second ticked away

All things that never came back

While the world were glued to the screens
We were torn apart
Thrown to pseudo closeness
Grown to be ignorant

While the world were looking at the screens
They don’t realize what kind of harvest they got

Here We Go Again…Cards that seems to sum up all my days.

Yin Card: With the Lovers placed in the yin position of your reading, the situation you’re in is clearly complicated. There may be more than one option on the table. Either way, you have to make a decision very soon. Leading someone on, in a relationship or job matter, will end up backfiring on you. Only by being honest with yourself can you make the best choice. A lot is riding on this. If you need more time to consider your choice, take it but don’t overthink or dwell on it too long.
Yang Card: You may be facing some tough challenges if you’ve drawn the Tower in this position. Your question may be tough to act on now, even though you’d like to move forward in a positive way. Keeping a favorable outlook helps you find a way out of chaos with grace. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, sitting still and quietly for a few minutes each day helps you locate any sources of negativity and let them go. You’re stronger than whatever’s facing you, and will find success when it passes.