I asked wheter I should switch to Business.

Temperance – Your answer is YES
Temperance indicates breaking the bonds of bad habits, practicing regularity and self-discipline. You are on the verge of a breakthrough, because you have learned to master yourself. Your mind has stopped wandering from one thing to the next, and you pursue your dreams without interruption. Success is not far away, as a natural outcome of your past and present good actions.
I asked a “YES” for moving now, and a “NO” for moving later.
Temperance – Your answer is NO
The Temperance card in its negative state here suggests that you have a mistaken belief that things will naturally work out for the best. You have failed to take daily, disciplined action to fulfill your goals. For this reason, you may experience a steady stream of setbacks. You must learn to align your beliefs and actions with your highest aspirations. Only then will your progress be easier.
I asked whether to dig deeper
The Wheel of Fortune – Your answer is YES
The Wheel of Fortune indicates success and prosperity, the outcome of hard work. You have struggled to improve your career, finances, and relationships, and now you begin to see the fruits of your actions. Take heart in this joyful time, and remember to celebrate your good luck with your friends. It is rare in this world that one receives unconditional good.

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