Yin Card: Your current situation has become a little unhealthy for you if you’ve drawn the Devil card in this position. You’re worrying a lot, and may be having troubled thoughts. Even your sleep may be disturbed until you can get a hold on this. The main issue is obsession-based, and holding on too much. Unfortunately, you can’t totally control how things will turn out in this situation. Opening your heart and trusting what comes will make it more peaceful. Meditation can help you learn to ride the wave.
Yang Card: If you find that you’re around toxic people now, the Judgement card placed in this position shows that it may be time to establish healthier boundaries. The situation you’re asking about has become a little too angry, misunderstood, or blame-filled. But healing is always possible! Rather than judging others, let go of any frustration with calming yoga stretches. Legs Up the Wall Pose is one simple way to release anything that’s not working for you, and then reclaim your power in this situation.
Can’t understand why those cards keep understanding me.

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