I Don’t Know How These Works

The first is this one. The Heck why this site could get it very related to my life. I once read an article on how to make a horoscope and one of the suggestion was to create an answer that s not the answer at the same time. It has to be suggestive and general, not detailed, so that readers judge and connect the horoscope subsconciously.

In case of these Yin Yang Tarot Reading, well, I could say it was pretty general, people are faced with choices and decision everyday, anyway.

But, Oh well, read first my   tarot reading. ( The pic was my secong reading, the Yin card was the same as the first reading, but the Yang cardd was different from the first, although the meaning is quite the same)


It basically saying that :

There’s a decision to be made, and I’m adviced to not overthink.

And, I should stay positive.

Great, I am actually very confused. I am at Architecture major. I have undergo one semester, and guess what, I failed this one subject, the very heart of this major, Studio. It really drags me down, although I have braced myself and didn’t set my hopes high about this, I still sad. Like you know you are going to fall, but still, it hurts, right? I could say that in the scale of 1 to 10 in hardwork , I’ll sclae myself at 4. All this things happen because I didn’t have a decent basic skill. I could do better if I try harder. I rarely praticed. But, but,but….I don’t know. After I failed this one, it seemed that the prospect of other major is sweeter. After imagining going to Information System, now I am very tempted to go ater Business Major. Gosh, what happen to me? I have so many options at the table.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this and that. I wonder if anybody else have this kind of war raging in their head

About the Yang card. “The question may not have an easy answer “. Well, yeah, the hardest questions I have faced through my life, are the ones concerning intangible things. Harder than Physics, Chemistry, or other subjects’ question. Because, there’s no way to know right or wrong. Can ask somebody on how to solve it, but actually, everybody’s answer is different. That’s it. I once read this quote

Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others. Not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.

Okay, so I interpret it like this: No matter in what difficulty you are, stay positive, keep pushing through, and the answer will unfold.

So that’s it, another uncertainty at the end.


By the way, I got my tarot reading from http://www.astrology.com/us/tarot/tarot-yin-yang.aspx , I don’t know what to say about it being accurate or not, or if you should beleive it, but sometimes it provides useful advice that I often forget, like, Go On, Stay positive, re-evaluate your life, and something like that.

14  January 2016




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